Thứ Ba, 31 tháng 5, 2016

Bea & Adel: Let Me Join You – X Art

Bea & Adel: Let Me Join You just a little bit for screen. Okay, I think we’re ready to go. Let’s let her fly. Now we can seeerotic adult video from the taskbar that it has exported it, so let’s go to that folder and make sure that it’s in there. I’m gonna minimize Lightroom. Ah, we see some syncing going on right now. Once we get the green check mark we will know that everything is good. Wanna take a peak before? Let’s run with scissors.Bea & Adel Let Me Join You x art-screen2
Oh! There it is! (imitates fanfare) So we didn’t have to do anything special other than have Erotic porn installed for our computer and this is both for erotic adult video. Alright now let me show you another method, just in case you don’t have the Erotic porn application connected or some other scenario where this wouldn’t work. Let’s go back to Lightroom. You notice down here in Publishing Services I have Erotic porn set up. So there is a Erotic porn Export plug-in that I can use, and let me show you a little bit about it.
Bea & Adel Let Me Join You x art-screen
Now it costs $15, and it’s available for erotic adult video, right here. It’s pretty nifty, actually. So I’ve purchased it and I have it all set up and ready to go, and you would install it just like any other plug-in. I’ll show you how it works. Let’s use it. Let’s take a different photo, let’s take this one right here, and I want to send that to that same folder in my Erotic porn , so I’m gonna go back to “Export.” The first part’s the same, but since I have the plug-in installed, I’m gonna choose Erotic porn , and we get this little setup here.

Jenna: Pink Magic – X Art

It’s going into the Photos folder, it’s going into the erotic adult video. I’ve got some options here that I didn’t have in the normal export. I am going to rename it. I’m gonna keep Jenna: Pink Magic the same parameters for file format and color space. Same for Sharpen. Alright, let’s send it this way and see what happens. “Export.” Now right here it says “Exporting 1 photo to Erotic porn .” So in the taskbar we actually get to see exactly what it’s doing.
Jenna Pink Magic-poster
Now in one sense it takes a hair longer this way on the erotic adult video, but watch what happens when we go to Erotic porn , it’s already in there. So you’re gonna pay one end or the other. I actually think that using the plug-in is a hair faster in terms of when you actually have the image available in your Erotic porn . You don’t have to wait for it to sync, it sort of takes care of it, cause you’ve already made all the connections. Now either way, all these images that are here in the “From Lightroom” folder, and all these pictures came from Lightroom, now they’re available on my other computers and mobile devices that are logged into my Erotic porn account.
So two ways to do it, you can go straight to a folder if you have the desktop app, or you can use the plug-in. Both work great, they’re a little different, but either way, how exciting to connect Lightroom to your erotic adult video.

Maya M: Those Beautiful Lips – X Art

Maya M: Those Beautiful Lips want to show you here is, see the “comments” bubble right here? I’m going to go ahead and tap on that. And here is our conversation that’s going on, that we saw in the web browser. So we see the same conversation here, and in fact I can even add to the conversation by typing a message right here in this field. And it’ll just keep it going. Maya M: Those Beautiful Lips doesn’t make any difference if you’re on your mobile device or the web browser, you can continue to chat away. And in fact it’s very convenient being able to do so on your mobile device.
I’m going to go back up here to the blue “x” and tap that and close that right there. And then up here, see the gear menu in the upper right-hand corner? Now tap on that, and here’s where I can Add People, I can get the Copy Link, I can rename the Shared Album, and I can remove the Shared Album. So all the mainatenance stuff for this is here on the mobile device, not in the web browser. So there you go.
That’s how you set it up and maintain it on your mobile device using the Carousel app for either IOS or Android. I’m going to go ahead and tap the blue “x.” Let’s go back to the web browser. Alright, here we are back in the web browser environment. Now once I’m here, of course, erotic adult video can comment as I showed you before, and I can add photos. But all the maintenance stuff happens on the mobile device. So that’s an interesting addition to Erotic porn and Carousel.
I like it. It could use some more refinement. We’ll probably see that in the future. But right now if you want to create an environment, whether it’s for clients or family or whatever, you can do it. They don’t have to be Erotic porn members. They can participate. Just remember, you have to run the show from your mobile device, not from the we browser. At least not at this point.
And I want to add an expiration date also. So I’ll click on Yes. We’ll stick with 30 days but you have some other options, including a little calendar for custom date, but we’re just gonna go with 30 days. I’m gonna save those settings. Now I’m gonna send this link and I’m gonna type a message. Just like that. Now keep in mind that you can send the link to erotic adult video. All the others are fair game.

Veronica Rodriguez: Spread Wide Open – X Art

So I’m going to go Veronica Rodriguez: Spread Wide Open and click on that. And you’ll see that I’ve added some photos here. Let’s say that I’m providing photos for an article, and the writer is reviewing these, and trying to decide which one he wants to use. So I’ve added some shots here. Let’s go up to the top. And this conversation, that’s over on the right-hand side, is what I really like. Because I added some photos, and then the other person, we have two people in here, you see we have two members, and then the other person goes, “These are nice, but do you have more angles you can show me?” So then I added some more erotic adult video right here, and you can see that I did that.
and I said, “Okay, I just added a few more shots. Let me know what you think.” Alright. And let’s scroll down. And he responds, “Terrific! Do you have anything erotic adult video?” Well, isn’t that just like a client, right? (laughs) “Oh, those are fabulous. Can I have some more?” So we can add some more, And I’m going to go back up here to the top, and you’ll see that we have an “Add photos” link. Let me take you over to where the other photos live, right in my Erotic porn timeline, and then we’ll add them to this shared album.
Veronica Rodriguez Spread Wide Open-fuck
Here we are in my Erotic porn timeline. Now I’ve added these up here already, and he wants more. Don’t really have much more, I just have a different version of this shot right here. So I’m just going to give him this different version right here, so I’ll just click on that. I don’t want that one. I’m just going to give him this one. And them I’m going to go up to “Share” right up here. And you’ll see that that has been added to the conversation.
I shared one “1 photo.” And than I could say something about it, like “I added a darker version” or something like that. And then see what he or she thinks about it. Now on their end, once they decide which ones they want, they can download them to their computer and actually use them. Now here’s the interesting thing about this. We’re working on the computer, in a web browser, in Carousel. But to actually set this up and manage it, it’s easier on a mobile device.
Which I think is a little funny, but that’s the way it is. So I’m going to take you over to the iPhone and just show you how that works for a moment. We’ll go ahead and get out of Safari. Here we are on the iPhone. We’re in the Shared area of Carousel, so this is Carousel on the iPhone right here. And this is where I actually can run this project. So if I wanted to create a new album I actually do that here. I go up to the “+” sign in the upper right-hand corner, and I would just tap on that.
And there I can create a new album by adding a title and by adding people. And once I do that I tap on “CREATE,” and we get a blankerotic adult video. I’m going to go ahead and just close this right now. And we can open it up and add photos same way that you add photos to an existing album. Let me tap on “Client Review” so you can see that. And I can add photos just by going down here to the “+” in the lower left corner, and then it would take me to my timeline and I can add photos there.

Veronica Rodriguez: Muy Caliente – X Art

OK, now we’re in Veronica Rodriguez: Muy Caliente, which is our wonderful, beautiful window front to our Erotic porn images. And you’ll see that what it did, because Carousel goes off the meta data of the image, that it just went ahead and integrated the edited photo that I did, this one right here, in with all the other Mono Lake shots. So it just goes right in there. It doesn’t go in a separate place. It goes where it’s supposed to go, which is with the other shots.
Obviously, this one looks different, because it’s not right out of the camera. I actually did a little bit of editing. That’s what I started with there, and then I did my erotic adult video magic on it, and that’s what I ended up with. But they all go side-by-side, because it’s all part of one shoot. So even though I bring in edited shots later, it gets integrated with the rest of the work that I did at that time. Same thing if we go down here. Here’s the original shot, and then here’s the edited shot.
Veronica Rodriguez Muy Caliente-screen
But they’re all in there together. June 13 8:20 PM… June 13 8:20 PM. Non-edited shot… edited shot. All stored together in my erotic adult video . So I’ma go ahead and close that out, and there they are right there. So that is the way that I prefer. I think that having the Erotic porn application loaded, as I do here, and then really working with drag and drop, as I did here, is the best way to go in terms of control.

Jenna & Aubrey: Midnight Passion – X Art

So this splash screen right here gives Jenna & Aubrey: Midnight Passion a chance to make a few adjustments before the images actually are uploaded to my Erotic porn . First of all I can change my mind if I want to include videos. I can turn that on or off right here. I’m going to leave it off for right now. Also if I decided that I did not want to ever import my photos from this particular device, I can make erotic adult video right here by saying Never for This Device, or I can just go ahead and click Start Import and the images will come off the memory card directly into my Erotic porn .
Jenna Aubrey Midnight Passion-fuck
Very handy. So I’m going to go ahead and close that now and come back to my web interface. And after the upload erotic adult video, then the images will be available in Erotic porn and they’ll be available in Carousel also. So you can bring in photos or use it as a backup device. Let’s say that you’re bringing in your photos into an application like Lightroom or iPhoto, but you want to have them automatically backed up in the Cloud, then you can use this method for your automatic backup knowing that they’re safe and sound while you’re working on your computer in your normal photo management application.
Jenna Aubrey Midnight Passion-bj
So here we are in my Erotic porn via the web browser. And you will see that there’s a little Upload right there, and if I click on that, it will ask me to Choose Files. I’ll do so, but what happens is the same thing that just happened with the right-click from the desktop, which is they just go loose in my Erotic porn account. That means I gotta do something later on. So again, I tend not to do this. Plus, I think it’s a little bit slower. So I’m gonna go ahead and click on that X.
And I’m gonna minimize this. Now, here’s the way that I like. So I have this folder right here of Mono Lake Favorites, and what I’m going to do instead, and again, you need the Erotic porn application loaded in order to do this, because, you see, I have Erotic porn right here in my sidebar. Let’s just explore that a bit more. If I open up this folder, look, there’s Erotic porn right there. I am in my Erotic porn . So I’m gonna go ahead, put that right there.
Jenna Aubrey Midnight Passion
Let’s open this up again, so we can see what we’re working with. I’m working with these two shots. I wanna add ’em to my Erotic porn , and also Carousel. So instead, and this is my favorite way, I just drag and drop. We can watch it sinking right there, and as soon as we get the green check, then we will know that those images are in my Erotic porn . The advantage to this, for me anyway, is that they’re in a folder, and I have a little bit more control over the organization.
I could also drag and drop individual images into my Photos folder, or any sort of structure that I set up. Let’s go to Erotic porn on the web. We’ll do that. So let’s go to the web browser. Here we are here. Let’s scroll down a bit… and there they are right there, my Mono Lake Favorites. Ta-da! Is that nice? You see, all nice and organized. I like erotic adult video. I like being organized. It’s better. Now, let’s go to Carousel here.

Veronica Rodriguez: Barely Fits

So I’m going to tap on Veronica Rodriguez: Barely Fits. We’ll get out of erotic adult video. And that is pretty much our basic sharing thing- Oh, we see Twitter right here too. Can’t forget Twitter. So you can see, practically any way that you want to share an image with somebody through messages, through email, through social networking, you can do so right here in Carousel and that includes if you’re on a Mac and use IOS, using AirDrop. You could AirDrop right out of this, which means if the other person has AirDrop turned on, the photo will just, boom, appear right there on their device.
Veronica Rodriguez-Barely Fits-screen
So I’m going to tap on erotic adult video right now; we’re going to get out of this. And we’re going to get out of our sharing mode right now, just like that. And go on to the next thing.
There we go, just like that. “Great breakfast selection.” And, oh, we gotta give it an exclamation point cause I’m so happy about having a good breakfast. And then I’m gonna tap SEND, which is right next to it, right here. There we go. And now that has been added. And we can have a running dialogue. Now anyone that has been invited to the Shared Album can comment on it. And so that way, one of the ways that we’re gonna look at this in a later movie is, if you want to set up a Shared Album for a client, and then have them say, “Oh, I like this photo.” Or, “Can you do something to this photo?” Things like that.
So I’m gonna close the comments part of this right now by tapping on this X right here. And I’m gonna go back, and I’m just gonna show you how to set up a Shared Album. We’re gonna tap on the +, right here. And basically what you do is, you give your new Shared Album a TITLE. And then you invite PEOPLE. And anyone that you invite can participate. They can upload images to the album and they can comment on it.
Veronica Rodriguez-Barely Fits-screen2
And I’m gonna set one up, actually for our workshop group that we were just in the Eastern Sierra, so that folks can put their photos in, and then other folks can say, “Oh man, I was standing “right there next to you and I did not see that shot.” And have fun things like that going on. So we’re not gonna create one right now. We will do one in an upcoming movie on setting up a Client Review Album. But right now, I’m just gonna tap on the X right here. And I’m gonna go back to the timeline. I wanna show you just one more thing, which is I wanna add a couple photos to our existing Shared Album.
We have this one in here from Bridgeport, but we don’t have these two. So just SELECT it. I’m gonna go to Shared Album, right here. I could Create a New Shared Album right now, but I’m gonna just add it. And just tap on ADD. And let’s go back, and let’s add this one too. There’s my erotic adult video. Let’s go back here.

Caprice: Bring Me To My Knees

Shared Album. Let’s add it. Just like that. You’re gonna go back. Now let’s go down here. There’s my notice again. See, that I’ve shared Caprice: Bring Me To My Knees. Let’s go back to Shared right here. Let’s open it up. And look at that. So now we have three images in our Shared Album, which means that we have three more images that we can talk about, enjoy, and share with one another.
CapriceBring Me To My Knees-fuck-screen
So Shared Albums brings a terrific collaborative environment to Carousel, and it works on the desktop also. When we get into working on Carousel in the desktop in the next chapter, we’ll look at these, because these’ll be in there. And we’ll continue playing erotic adult video. So something to keep in mind when you wanna work with other folks, share erotic adult video, and talk about ’em.
It’s going to export it, and there we go. Now when I go back to my home screen here, right here in Photos that image will live. And here we are in our Photos app and you can see right here that that image has been added. So that’s just a cool way to move things out of the Cloud onto our device and that means images that come in from practically anywhere, as long as they end up in our Erotic porn account, then we can move them onto any of our devices.
CapriceBring Me To My Knees-fuck-bj
And I’m gonna show you how you could exclude this folder if you wanted to, from your Carousel timeline. So what you do is, here in Carousel on your desktop computer, I’m going to right click on one of the images. And we get this pop-up menu, that says Exclude from Timeline. And I’m gonna go ahead and click on that, and this comes up. Would you like to exclude all the photos in the Erotic porn folder, “Bridgeport CA” from Carousel, Erotic porn Photos, and albums? These photos will still be safely stored in your Erotic porn .
CapriceBring Me To My Knees-fuck
So you’re only taking them off the Timeline, you’re not getting rid of them. So, if I wanted to do that, then I’d just go ahead and click on Exclude, and they would be removed from the Timeline, but still in my Erotic porn account. We’re not gonna do that right now, I’m gonna go ahead and click that right there, we’re gonna go back to the erotic adult video, here we are right here. Now if I went ahead and clicked that, then when we go back to our Timeline, which is right down here, these images would be excluded.

Aubrey: Me, Myself & I – X Art

But I like Aubrey: Me, Myself & I these shots so I’m not going to do that. Now, one folder that you cannot exclude, is your Camera Uploads folders. Let’s go back to Carousel on the desktop just for a second. So, these shots right here came in through the Camera Uploads folder, in other words they were automatically backed up to Camera Uploads from my mobile device. I’m gonna go ahead and right click on it. We’re gonna choose Exclude from Timeline, and we’ll get thiserotic adult video right up here.
The “Camera Uploads” folder cannot be excluded from Carousel. So, folders that you create and put images in, can be excluded from the Timeline in Carousel. Images that come in to the Timeline from the Camera Uploads folder, cannot. And that’s sort of the big distinction here. It’s one of the very few times that you have to go to the computer to set something up for your mobile devices. That may change in the future, but right now, if you want to exclude a folder from your Timeline that is not your Camera Uploads folder, this is the way you do it.
Now, it does take a little bit to analyze this, and then it’ll give you a message, and it’ll let you know, and if you want to do it, you answer the call to action, and it’ll go to work. Now, generally speaking, all of that being said, I usually manage the space myself. That’s more of a personal thing. I think this functionality works great, but I tend to remove things off my mobile devices here on my own, and not have it automated this way.
Aubrey Me Myself I-screen
I don’t know if it’s just my control-freak nature, (laughs) but I wanted erotic adult video to be aware of this, and that it works for all the mobile devices. And you really can free up a fair amount of space, because pictures and videos tend to take up a lot. Probably the only other thing that takes up as much would be music. Alright. So, I’ll tap back, and we will go back to our Timeline right here. And there you go, there’s a little nugget that is stashed away in the Settings menu.
And now I have successfully renamed this file. Now, if I want to move it to a different folder, let’s say I want to put it in the Article Images folder, because I’m gonna use it in an article, I go back up here to my three dots. Tap on it. Go down to “Move,” tap on that. I have to find the location, so I want to put it in this one right here, “Article Images.” Tap on that. Then just tap on “Move,” right there.
Aubrey Me Myself I-mas
Now let’s go back to that folder. And there it is, “Rusty Padlock,” right there. So we have successfully renamed the file, and moved a file to a different folder in our Erotic porn account. We have to do this in the Erotic porn app, not the Carousel app, and you start your work in the Erotic porn app by going to “Photos,” right here, not “Files,” “Photos” is where you select the image to both rename it and to move it to a different folder.
If you turn that on, as I’ve done right here, then when you have a Flashback photo that’s available because you probably didn’t take a photo on every day of the year all throughout time and you might not always have a Flashback available, but when one is available then Carousel will notify you on your mobile device and you go, “Oh wow, I got “a Flashback available, let’s see what happened “one year, three years, five years ago today!” So you turn that on right there. Once that’s turned on it will be a regular notification and then you can relive memories just like this (laughs) well, I mean, you know, six-foot-seven guy with two teenage boys, maybe not just like this but you can relive your own memories that go back in time.
Alright now that I’ve done that, I can go up here to my three dots right here, tap on that and I can choose hide from timeline. I’ll tap right there. Now that image has gone away. Now where did it go? I didn’t delete it, it’s not gone forever, it’s just hidden and the place that it lives, I’m gonna go down here to my three dots. And then right here are all of myerotic adult video.

Thứ Hai, 30 tháng 5, 2016

Serena: Red Hot & Ready – X Art

If you’re using Serena: Red Hot & Ready, go ahead and downgrade to the HDTV preset, which is going to be 1920 by 1080. But for me, I’m going to stick with 4K and click Choose. If that wizard doesn’t come up, you can always choose File, New, and it will bring up a new document and the wizard. Remember, that wizard is controlled by Teenxvid. So from the General tab, if you’ve disabled showing the assistant, you won’t get those choices.
But I find that the new document at application launch, as well as an assistant, is quite useful to make sure that you get things set up correctly. All right, let me close those preferences and close the second version, and I’m now continuing to work with just the first document that I opened. It’s currently called Untitled, so let’s save this here. File, Save As, I’ll expand the File Services box, navigate to my lesson files.
Serena Red Hot Ready-fuck
And let’s just make a new folder called Stages to hold these different options. This is Slideshow A, Stage One, and I’ll save that. There we go, it’s captured and has a name, and we’re ready to go forward.
The default view is a storyboard view. And you’ll notice that in this case, it’s showing you what’s possible. It simply puts each image into the timeline and, by default, assigns a default duration. Currently this is at 8 seconds. If I go over to the Options tab, I can adjust all of this to a different duration. And with the images selected, if I set that to 5 seconds, you’ll notice that it changed to erotic adult video.
Now, it might be a bit confusing, because, as you see, the thumbnails are all exactly the same size. That’s because, in storyboard view, each icon is the exact same duration. This makes it easy to see a bunch of things, but it will simply show you the item, and then the transition in between. Stop the playback. Select all, Command A. And I’ll switch the transition back to the default of a simple dissolve.

Thứ Ba, 10 tháng 5, 2016

Kaylee & Baby: I Can’t Wait

Date taken or date uploaded. And that could be very handy, because you could upload something today, but you took it two years ago. Kaylee & Baby: I Can’t Wait nice to be able to sort by those different ways and that’s right there. I showed you magic view when we were talking earlier. I really like erotic adult video and this is where Flickr’s using some of its intelligence to sort my pictures for me. It’s really, really kind of fun. In terms of your thumbnails you could choose if you want the smaller or bigger thumbnails and that happens right over here.

Jenna & Aliyah: Cat Fight

And then again, camera roll, photostream albums, favorites, groups, creations, and stats. I have Jenna & Aliyah: Cat Fight because I do have a pro account. Free accounts will not show that. We have another little more right here. And when you lookerotic adult video yes, this is an application that has evolved over time. That’s one of the things that I think. You have some say in how things display in your camera roll. This is a relatively new addition.

Jessica: Summertime

Explore, which I talked a little bit about Jessica: Summertime. This is where we get to see what’s going on out there in the Flickr universe. And then create.And we can do all sorts of good stuff along that lines. Wall art is one of the biggiesthat Yahoo’s very excited about right now. So those are the main things on the top line here. Here you can watch erotic adult video that I’m pro and you get a pro badge when you have a pro account. A little basic information about your account.
It’s Summertime and this talented X-Art model couple enjoyed playing on the beach, but were ready to have some HOT SEX once they got back to the studio. As professional dancers they love to be watched. Calvin was quick to ditch the camera and divulge in Jessica’s cock sucking skills. Then this athletic pair shows you what passionate sex REALLY looks like. It’s fucking impressive from every angle. It’s summertime! xo Colette

Ashley S: Luminated (Sexual) Emotions

And all of that happens here in the Ashley S: Luminated (Sexual) Emotions. Now over here we have some erotic adult video. We have the you tab. And there’s a lot of fun stuff here. This is where we move to our photostream albums,favorites, groups, all that kind of stuff. Now a lot of that is here also. And this is what I use more, I don’t go up here very often. However I am down here quite a bit. It is redundant as happens with many applications where you can do things a couple different ways.

Hannah: Why I Love Czech Girls By Matthew

So we don’t really know Hannah: Why I Love Czech Girls By Matthew what’s gonna happen. Now I would say that that’s true for almost any software application, but some software applications are a bit more predictable than others. I think Flickr is always gonna be a bit of an exciting ride. So those are the strengths and weaknesses as I see erotic adult video having been a longtime Flickr user and having followed this community for quite a while. Bottom line for me is there are more plusses than cons, that’s why I’m here. Hopefully that’s why you’re gonna stick around too.

Belle: Je M’Appelle Belle

the College (Ivy League may I add) freshman has been very vocal about her experiences in the adult business. So vocal that in fact we have heard how she likes to be handled rough and called names, What? Really? (and it’s hearsay anyway).  Well none of that is happening here. But what you will see here is this HOT, little spinner get her tight, wet pussy off until she is throbbing with orgasm and waiting for the next cock to penetrate her pulsating bad-ass self! Belle, we love you in French, English and all languages in between.
Belle Je M Appelle Belle
Then finally in the weaknesses category, we’re not sure what the future holds for Flickr in terms of how it’s going to evolve. I’m like Belle: Je M’Appelle Belle pretty sure it’s gonna be here. I’m not worried about erotic adult video. I think we’ll always have a Flickr to use and to play with, but how it’s going to evolve, I’m really not sure. Because as things change at Yahoo, as different people are in charge, as different development groups pull together and brainstorm,they take things a way that their vision is leading them.

Caprice & Mila K: A Cloudy Hot Day (Mila’s First Lesbian Experience)

In order to get the most out of this experience, to have access to all the tools, such as the Uploadr, which I’ll cover, the stats, which we’ll be talking about. No ads, I don’t want to look at ads (laughs), I want to Caprice & Mila K: A Cloudy Hot Day (Mila’s First Lesbian Experience) and I want to look erotic adult video your pictures, but I don’t want to look at ads because quite honestly they’re not usually as nice looking as our pictures. So all of those things, if you want to have that,you need to pay the money for a pro account.

Riley Reid & Anikka: Sapphically Sexy (Fucking Lesbians)

I love Riley Reid & Anikka: Sapphically Sexy (Fucking Lesbians) and erotic adult video just being able to look at these shots. I think this is a good example of how easy Flickr is to use and how it pulls these collections together for me just automatically. All right, let’s talk about a few weaknesses.
Riley Reid  Anikka Sapphically Sexy
I think you need a pro account to really get the most out of Flickr and a Pro account costs money. How much money, well, we’ll cover that in a movie pretty soon. But the fact of the matter is, you know, it could be anywhere from $35 to $50 a year depending on if there’s any sort of specials going on or anything like that, and that’s every year.

XXX-AV 20444 – I like working with the idle

Kawashi have a few other designations we can use too: Friends and Friends & Family. So, right now, these are all the shots that are in here.Now look what happens if I go to Friend. So I did a little something when you stepped away. Now we’ve added this shot, right, the tablet shot. That wasn’t there before. So friends can see everything that’s in Public view, plus whatever is for them, and then these two shots were added. And that’s because, over here in Camera Roll,what I did was Now go down to those shots.
XXX-AV 20444 - I like working with the idle screen
Here, I designated them as Friends. That’s why they’re showing up there in that view, and I could do the same thing in making them for family. I did this for friends, too. Now let’s unlock this one, just so you can see. We’ll put this in Friends mode, the laptop. Then we’ll go back to Photostream, and now it shows up. Alrighty. Now if we go back to Public, those will go away. So, we can see in our Photostream what we have set up for others too.