Thứ Ba, 31 tháng 5, 2016

Maya M: Those Beautiful Lips – X Art

Maya M: Those Beautiful Lips want to show you here is, see the “comments” bubble right here? I’m going to go ahead and tap on that. And here is our conversation that’s going on, that we saw in the web browser. So we see the same conversation here, and in fact I can even add to the conversation by typing a message right here in this field. And it’ll just keep it going. Maya M: Those Beautiful Lips doesn’t make any difference if you’re on your mobile device or the web browser, you can continue to chat away. And in fact it’s very convenient being able to do so on your mobile device.
I’m going to go back up here to the blue “x” and tap that and close that right there. And then up here, see the gear menu in the upper right-hand corner? Now tap on that, and here’s where I can Add People, I can get the Copy Link, I can rename the Shared Album, and I can remove the Shared Album. So all the mainatenance stuff for this is here on the mobile device, not in the web browser. So there you go.
That’s how you set it up and maintain it on your mobile device using the Carousel app for either IOS or Android. I’m going to go ahead and tap the blue “x.” Let’s go back to the web browser. Alright, here we are back in the web browser environment. Now once I’m here, of course, erotic adult video can comment as I showed you before, and I can add photos. But all the maintenance stuff happens on the mobile device. So that’s an interesting addition to Erotic porn and Carousel.
I like it. It could use some more refinement. We’ll probably see that in the future. But right now if you want to create an environment, whether it’s for clients or family or whatever, you can do it. They don’t have to be Erotic porn members. They can participate. Just remember, you have to run the show from your mobile device, not from the we browser. At least not at this point.
And I want to add an expiration date also. So I’ll click on Yes. We’ll stick with 30 days but you have some other options, including a little calendar for custom date, but we’re just gonna go with 30 days. I’m gonna save those settings. Now I’m gonna send this link and I’m gonna type a message. Just like that. Now keep in mind that you can send the link to erotic adult video. All the others are fair game.

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