Thứ Ba, 31 tháng 5, 2016

Jenna: Pink Magic – X Art

It’s going into the Photos folder, it’s going into the erotic adult video. I’ve got some options here that I didn’t have in the normal export. I am going to rename it. I’m gonna keep Jenna: Pink Magic the same parameters for file format and color space. Same for Sharpen. Alright, let’s send it this way and see what happens. “Export.” Now right here it says “Exporting 1 photo to Erotic porn .” So in the taskbar we actually get to see exactly what it’s doing.
Jenna Pink Magic-poster
Now in one sense it takes a hair longer this way on the erotic adult video, but watch what happens when we go to Erotic porn , it’s already in there. So you’re gonna pay one end or the other. I actually think that using the plug-in is a hair faster in terms of when you actually have the image available in your Erotic porn . You don’t have to wait for it to sync, it sort of takes care of it, cause you’ve already made all the connections. Now either way, all these images that are here in the “From Lightroom” folder, and all these pictures came from Lightroom, now they’re available on my other computers and mobile devices that are logged into my Erotic porn account.
So two ways to do it, you can go straight to a folder if you have the desktop app, or you can use the plug-in. Both work great, they’re a little different, but either way, how exciting to connect Lightroom to your erotic adult video.

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